Thursday, January 27, 2011

Brooke and Greg, Walnut Grove, Moorpark, Ca.

Today I spent the better part of the day with my good friend and amazing artist Kimberlee Miller. Not only is she a fantastic photographer and incredibly creative person, but she is the best mom and the most fun friend to hang out with. Her family was such a pleasure to be around as I took up all her time: the sweetest and prettiest girls, fantastic husband, and engaging kitties. 
They are an all around, a great family.
She helped me design my website, and understand more about how “cyberspace” works and set me up with my new BLOG!
So here we go!

This is Brooke and Greg who got married at Walnut Grove in Moorpark, Ca. last summer.
I really loved how she and I figured out this gorgeous hair and make-up for her wedding.
We focused on lashes and kept most of the rest of her make-up very natural, some shimmery eyeshadow, glowy blush and lipgloss. And of course, my amazing airbrush foundation, which gives the most natural, sheer, lit from within glow. As for her hair, we curled it all over and then I wove it and pinned it and pulled some of it down into this lovely side ponytail. With the rose, it was a perfect look for an outdoor garden wedding!

Of course I must warn you, all my blog photos and posts won’t be as amazing as this first one because an amazing photographer helped me do this first post, with her gorgeous photos. Thanks Kimberlee!
You might want to get used to very ordinary, boring, and amateur photos that I post from now on.
: /
I’m great with hair in my hands, and faces to enhance, but photos, not so good.
But I’m willing to try.
OK so let go for it!
But I just think my photographer friends do it so much better!
I’m sort of embarrassed.
But enjoy Kimberlee’s work for now!
; )

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