Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mountaingate Country Club Bridal Fair and Parti Program Fashion Show

Last week I had a fantastically busy week doing make-up and hair at two fashion shows.
Yes, Amber, being as indispensable as usual, helped Lisa Kasberg from
"I'm a Girl D.J." set up the lighting for the fashion show and helped me
get the models ready and also modeled. Then she helped with the
"I'm a Girl D. J." instant photo booth. Supergirl!  
The first was Tuesday,March 1st for the gorgeous Mountaingate Country Club in Los Angeles. Along with Rose Petals Bridal and Formal Dresses Store from Toluca Lake, I helped 4 lovely ladies get ready for a Bridal Fashion Show at the Mountaingate Bridal Expo. I did make-up and hair and Rose Petals dressed them in Bridal gowns. I also had a booth at the Bridal Expo and so unfortunately did not get any pictures of my models after they were dressed. We started make-up and hair at 2:30 PM and the Bridal Expo started at 6. I was just finishing up my last model as the Brides came in.
Chantal, Gigi, and Nikki. The other models at the Moutaingate Bridal Expo before they were dressed in the wedding gowns.
Of course, my table at the Bridal Expo was a prime example of the dual personality of my business: one side was Beau Ideal Beauty and lovely and girly and professional, the other side was the chaos of make-up and hair central with all the curling irons and make-up out and being used. That's my strong point, being creative under a time crunch!

The Beau Ideal Beauty side of the table.

The "get down to business" side of the table, which is actually after I had cleaned up a bit.

While I was doing make-up on one of the models, Chantal, she told me about a non profit organization she was launching in the Southern Ca. area called The Parti Program. It is a program that is quite successful in Northern Ca. but is in it's baby steps down here. It helps young people from 8 to 25 to learn leadership,volunteer and community service opportunities through fashion, modeling, performing, organizing and producing events. Chantal was planning their first fashion show, slated for the following Saturday. I love doing make-up and hair, and I love young people, so I asked if she needed help. She actually had 6 make-up and hair people scheduled from local Cosmetology schools but was happy to have me help.
I was definitely the "senior artist" there, but was welcomed warmly by the other artists.I ended up doing hair.
The energy was great, with all the excitement and anticipation of their first fashion show keeping all the young models bubbling with happiness. 


I put in some hair extensions for Lori, my first model, and curled it into a messy side ponytail.

I then curled Jackie's hair around a small iron for a retro 70's natural look.

They had a few looks: A Black and White Look, which they styled the clothes themselves.

The Black and White Look.

Lining up outside getting ready to enter the banquet hall to walk down the runway. 
After they walked the runway, it was a quick dash back to the room to change into the next look: Camo.

The Camo look.

With the clacking of high heels ringing in the hallway, the ladies ran back to change into T-shirts designed by Tatiana,in which the name of her line is one of my favorite words, "Faith".

The "Faith" T-Shirt look. Waiting to walk down the runway.

Then back to the room for the formal dresses from Rose Petals Bridal and Formals again.

Some lovely formal dresses by Rose Petals.
Finally, the fashion show ended with some really fun designs by Marquisa Jones of Sophistafunk Life. I was able to help out here when Marquisa requested all the ladies wear red lipstick with her designs.

Sophistafunk Life, by Marquisa Jones. When I told Marquisa that her designs reminded me of some of the things we tried to put together in the 80's, she said that that was what her mom told her. I can tell her mom and I are the same age. Of course Marquisa's designs have a modern edge that we didn't in the 80's.
The young ladies did a wonderful job at sitting patiently trough make-up and hair,
and quickly running back and forth to change into the various looks!
This all happened in a very short hour and a half. 

The lovely Chantal, making sure the models walk the runway in perfect time.

One last look at Lori. 
Flashback anyone? I think I hear Cyndi Lauper in the back ground singing "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"!
Or is that just me.
; )

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