Monday, April 11, 2011

Jill and Dan, Sherwood Country Club

Last Sunday, April 3rd, I had the privilege of working on Jill and Dan's wedding at the gorgeous Sherwood Country Club in Westlake.

The vegan feast!

I was hired to only do Jill's hair, so I only needed my hair kit.
Sherwood is class all the way, from the fantastic spread of food for the bridal party to the gorgeous room to get ready in.

I did Jill's hair while the other girls did their own.

The bridesmaids did their own hair and make-up, and the atmosphere was really fun and upbeat. There were curling irons and cords everywhere!

This was a great group of lovely women! Jill and most of them are triathletes,
and they all did a race the day before! Amazing! They were a very close knit group and everyone gave gifts to Jill, completing her borrowed, blue , old , new tradition. Jill gave her bridesmaids beautiful pearl bracelets.

It was a lovely bridal party. This is what good health and exercise looks like:

One of our fantastic Women of Weddings members, Lori Andrews of Jazz Harp Records, performed on her harp for the ceremony and cocktail hour. Amazing and beautiful!

Reverend Kimber Wilkes, another friend in the wedding business performed the marriage ceremony with her usual grace.

It was a wonderful wedding and fun to work on!

Congratulations Jill and Dan!

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