Monday, February 7, 2011

The Society of Operating Cameramen Lifetime Achievement Awards

Saturday, February 5th, 2011, I accompanied my husband Guy Skinner to the SOC Lifetime Achievement Awards!
He was nominated for his Camera Operating on the TV show "24"!
We went all out and rented a limo for the evening and invited his First Assistant Cameraman Jon Sharpe and his wife Karen and his Dolly Grip Carlos Boiles and his wife Stacy, both from "24", to join us.
Jon was Guy's focus puller, and this is how important he was to Guy:
There was no way to achieve that "24" style without a Camera Assistant who could set his Operator free to find the beats and moments and do it differently every time. Jon Sharpe was our perfect magician. My hand held operating was enhanced by the luxury of never having to be limited because Jon is so unlimited is his skills, an absolute necessity for the look of the show.
As for Carlos, this is what he has to say about him:

Carlos Boiles, as my Dolly Grip and spotter, a master craftsman with the dolly and cranes, is also a true athlete, guiding me and watching my blind side.
As an Operator I never had to think of focus or my safety.
Jon, Carlos and I communicated in a language so efficient and seamless, we captured moments that could only happen with the freedom of letting go of any inhibitions, boundaries and assumed restrictions. We constantly surprised ourselves. To work with such a team was very rewarding!

To be able to join this amazing team as they were recognized for their effort was incredible.

On the way, we toasted to "the dream team" with champagne in the limo.
Carlos and Stacy, opening the champagne.

We arrived at Warner Brothers Studios and went down the back lot "streets" to the theater where the pre-presentation cocktail hour was happening.

The "dream team" of Carlos, Guy, and Jon

During the cocktails I could hardly stay by Guy's side, he was so popular with all his colleagues! In the 30 years of being in Camera, he has had to opportunity to work with so many great Cameramen, and a lot of them were there. 
At one point I lost him for a good 30 minutes, I later found out he was taken to be filmed for an interview to be posted on the SOC website in the future.
His current co-Camera Operators from "The Event" (NBC) were also there, even though they had all worked all night and gotten home at dawn that morning. 

Victor Macias, Guy, and Paul Horn
The Camera Operators currently working on "The Event"

The presentation of the Lifetime Achievement Awards began at 7PM.
It was great to see and hear from all the creative genius's being honored that night.

The stories and film clips were amazing as the night progressed. But I must say, waiting until finally, at the end of the evening, around 9:30, for Guy's category to honor Best Camera Operator in a Television Series to be announced was excruciating! 
Our hearts were pounding!
They announced all the names and showed film clips of their work.
And the winner was.....!
Not Guy.
David Frederick of the show "Sons of Anarchy" won the award.
Congratulations David!

But in reality Guy was honored that night! 
After the awards Guy continued to talk and see and be congratulated by so many of his peers that it was a magnificent night for him.

David Frederick made a point of coming up to Guy and telling him how much he admired his work and that he thought Guy would be the one on that podium getting the award. 
Then he insisted they take a picture together with the"Cammy"! 
Very cool David!

Me and Guy, after the ceremony.
I'm so proud of my amazing husband!
Photo by Isabella Vosmikova

After that we all cruised Hollywood in the limo. Since each couple had a bottle of wine from  different winery's we had all visited in the past year, we had a mini wine tasting session as we drove down Hollywood Blvd, past all the stars on the sidewalk and the great theaters.
At one point we decided we were hungry.
Since Guy was not a "wiener" we decided to go get a "wiener" at Pink's Hot Dog Stand.
The guys got out and stood in line while us girls stayed in the limo and stayed warm. 

All you Camera people, be kind, I took this from across the
street, teetering on platform heels.

When they got the hot dogs we all sat down out back at Pinks, in our suits and dresses, and chowed down on those legendary hot dogs.

We had a blast and it will be a night I will remember forever!


  1. What a wonderful night! I am so proud and excited for both of you! XOXOXO

  2. Kathy,
    I am so happy for both of you and esp. for Guy for being recognized for his craft and passion. You guys are a great team. I am so glad that I got to meet him and get to know him 6 years when you put us up at your place. Tell him congrats! Your 2nd cousin back in freezing Iowa, Denise Sweet Lundberg

  3. Oh my God!You guys look amazing ! Such a beautiful couple.I love the shawl! Congratulation !!!!