Monday, May 2, 2011

Blair and Michael, Ojai Valley Inn and Spa

This last weekend was a doozy when it comes to weddings! The wedding of William and Kate on Friday and then Blair and Michael’s on Saturday! I personally think Blair’s was more beautiful and she looked so gorgeous!
We were at the fantastically beautiful Ojai Valley Inn and Spa, and the wedding took place in the amazing Herb Garden.

The ceremony site, the Herb Garden.
Beau Ideal had a full team doing make-up and hair, we had 9 make-ups and hairs and 1 make-up only and of course the bride!
My good friend Vicki took a day off her business ( to help me out. I love my awesome friends who are such a great support!
Vicki and I worked together in the TV and film industry and have been friends for a long time, since we worked on “The Wonder Years”.
So Vicki helped out doing 5 make-ups, while I did 4 and also Blairs make-up and hair.
She brought her sister in law, Jill to help with hair, and Jill’s daughter Makayela helped wherever she could and did a make-up.
Of course I had Amber with me doing hair as well.

Amber, Vicki and I working away!

Jill was across the room.

We were a make-up and hair machine!

Blair in the works.
The pave brooch.

I did Blair’s hair down and romantic and wavy, with an antique brooch from her Grandmother in it.
I curled her hair by wrapping it around the iron, and then brushed the curls out.

I loved her Peony bouquet!

Perfect weather, and a great group of Bridesmaids and Groomsmen!

Under the Wisteria.

While the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen walked down the isle, Blair’s father gave her a break and let her sit on his lap. So sweet!

Thanks again Amber, Vicki, Jill, and Makayela!
Good job, look at these beauties!

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