Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Beau Ideal expands!

OMG! This year’s wedding season has hit fast and hard!
I have so many beautiful weddings to post and am so busy with trial run throughs and establishing a second team of Artists for Beau Ideal Beauty that I have gotten really behind in my posts!
Speaking of Beau Ideal expanding, I would love to announce that I have now added some fantastic new Artists to Beau Ideal!
My new number one, right hand Hairstylist and Makeup Artist, Amber joined me at the very beginning of the year and we did our first wedding in January together.
By our 3rd wedding together, when she suggested we add Groom’s grooming to our business, I knew I had a great associate here. Amber just graduated from the acclaimed Paul Mitchell Cosmetology school. You may have seen her on some of my past posts, she is the beautiful young woman with the fantastic red hair.
By now we have done 14 weddings together and several trial run throughs.
Amber has a tremendous talent and a fantastic outgoing and fun personality. We have the best time with our Brides and Bridesmaids as we spend the mornings getting everyone beautified!
Also, while I have over 20 years experience doing makeup and hair in Film,TV, Photo Shoots, and Weddings, Amber is a self proclaimed “Hair Dork”. Meaning that she loves knowing the science behind why hair reacts the way it does to chemicals and heat etc. When I hear her explain why, in technical terms, spraying  the hair with a wet setting spray/heat protectant really locks in the curl,I find my self saying “Really? Wow! I didn’t know that, I just knew it worked.”
Amber works primarily with me as a Hairstylist, but is also actively learning my makeup techniques for which Beau Ideal has become known for; natural, soft, and beautifully blended with the airbrush.
When Beau Ideal has 2 weddings in a day, Amber goes out with the B (Brilliant) team and then Caitlin works with me as the Hairstylist on my team, the A(Awesome) team.
Caitlin also just graduated from Paul Mitchell and was introduced to me by Amber. Caitlin already has an airbrush and has regularly worked with it, so she is a special addition to Beau Ideal. It is great to know that I have fantastic Artists who can do both hair and also makeup when needed.She also has a wonderful fun personality, something very welcome during the sometimes pressure filled wedding day.
And finally, but definitely not least, is Kristin, Beau Ideal’s new Makeup Artist.
Kristin graduated from the Academy of Makeup and Fashion.
I met Kristin when Amber gave her my name to do her makeup for her upcoming wedding. I feel Kristin is special in that she has an intuitive ability to know exactly what a client wants and likes in makeup.One thing led to another and now we have spent quite a bit of time together exchanging makeup tips and tricks and doing makeups and establishing a relationship with all the Pro stores in Hollywood. Kristin and I really had a wonderful whirlwind day driving around LA hitting, Frends, Naimie’s, Nigel’s, Dinair Airbrush Academy, and the MAC Pro store.
Now Beau Ideal’s Brilliant team has a kit with an airbrush and our signature foundation and the makeup that gives Beau Ideal it’s distinctive look.
With the addition of Men’s Grooming and both the Awesome team (me and Caitlin) and the Brilliant team (Amber and Kristin), Beau Ideal is headed for a fantastic summer of beautiful Brides and Bridal parties and well groomed Groomsmen!

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